1C:Drive is a complete solution to streamline and manage key processes in SMB, bringing transparency to operations and revealing new opportunities for business growth.

Take informed decisions

Monitor and retrieve data on your company performance for taking business decisions.

Get rid of tons of spreadsheets

Consolidate the detailed customer, order, stock, and sales information in one straightforward system.

Adapt to your requirements

Easily customize the software instead of adapting your unique processes to it.


  • Close deals faster and stay updated on customer orders status.
  • Speed-up the order-to-cash process and stay on top of your pipeline.
  • Monitor your right now cash position. Direct integration with cash registers.

Inventory & Light Manufacturing

  • Estimate materials required for production.
  • Calculate cost of goods.
  • Control stock levels and prevent product outages.

Human Resources

  • Calculate payroll, manage employee workload and efficiency.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Instantly access, analyze, and close the books on time.
  • Get fast, customizable access to financial information.

Why 1C:Drive?

  • Cost-effective solution for small to mid-size businesses.
  • Complete enterprise software that combines process automation with business analytics, eliminating the need to buy costly add-ons.
  • Technical support team, always at your disposal for seamless implementation and maintenance over time.

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