1C:ERP 2


  • Move away from using a bunch of individual products that do not talk to each other to a complete solution that automates the whole range of your company's processes.
  • Take informed decisions with critical data that is available at your fingertips and in real time.
  • Turn your processes transparent allowing to grow your company faster and stay competitive.
  • Stay informed on how your company operates in the smallest detail.
  • Stay on top of your business KPIs, estimate operational efficiency, individual departments and employee performance to achieve financial goals.


  • Integrate production stages into one comprehensive system
    • Seamless information flow between organization's departments and subsidiaries
    • Greater efficiencies of your company's production and logistics workflows
    • Real-time information for taking business critical decisions
  • Plan and control KPIs
    • Production planning based on machine load and resources available
    • Real-time KPI tracking
    • Integrated business analytics - cost of goods, revenues, and expenses split by the parameters you need to monitor
  • Automate key workflows
    • Production management for multi-stage production cycles
    • Repair and maintenance
    • Stock and warehouse
    • Sales and purchases
    • Customer relationship management
    • HR and payroll management
    • Accounting
    • Control of expenses and cost of goods
    • Financial management and budgeting
  • Mobile workplaces and remote work over the Internet
  • Support for all common OS and Database platforms - Linux, Windows, Mac OS, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle Database

Why 1C:ERP 2?

  • Easily and quickly adapt the system to the changing requirements of growing business
  • Save costs and efforts with quick implementation
  • Use cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Access from desktop and mobile devices

Demo and installation

Run online demo

Select any user, no password required.

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  • 24 Jul 06:58
    Vladimir Gurov

    Thank you for notifying us. Now the demo server is up and running again. Best regards, Vladimir Gurov

  • 06 Nov 07:02
    Vladimir Gurov

    Dear Darya, Now the demo server is running. Thank you! Best regards, Vladimir Gurov

  • 13 Nov 06:30
    Vladimir Gurov

    Hi becky, You can log on to the ERP demo server on behalf of any of the users listed in the User dropdown list box. The password for each of them is empty. Best regards, Vladimir Gurov

  • 19 Nov 03:23
    Vladimir Gurov

    Dear Ha Thien Thach, As far as I understand, my colleagues have already contacted you on the matter. Is that correct? Best regards, Vladimir Gurov

  • 26 Nov 02:56
    Vladimir Gurov

    Dear Darya, Thank you for informing us on the issue. Now the ERP demo is up and running. Best regards, Vladimir Gurov