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The 1C:Enterprise platform (training version) package download includes the document Hello, 1C - Building your first application to help you with installation and guide you through creating your first application on 1C:Enterprise.
Hello, 1C is a simple application like "Hello, world!" that helps you get acquainted with 1C:Enterprise and learn some of the basics of the development environment.

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1C:Enterprise platform documentation user, administrator and developer guides.
1C:Developer Network forums for developers, as well as users and partners.
1C:Enterprise platform 1C:Enterprise overview.
Methodology section contains standards and best practices for 1C:Enterprise developers.
Demo applications for studying specific features of 1C:Enterprise platform.
Video section is a collection of training videos for quick and easy 1C:Enterprise learning.
Applications section is a collection of advanced applications based on 1C:Enterprise platform.
System requirements contain a list of supported OS and DBMS.