1C developers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America will join Online Friendly Skills Games 2021

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August 05, 2021

The contestants from six countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America who gained the best results during stages 1 and 2 of the 1С Skills International Training Camp will join Online Friendly Skills Games 2021 in IT Software Solutions for Business. From the 9th to the 12th of August 2021, the contestants will have to demonstrate their skills to develop business applications in the 1C:Enterprise platform. They will compete with other contestants from Asia and Europe who develop in C#, Java, and other languages.

Our greetings to the game participants!

 Colombia.png  Colombia

Camilo Andres Soler Bucuru

17 years old, contestant
The National Training Service (SENA)  
Nelson  Gabriel Diaz, expert
Dominican Republic
Yodelvi De Jesus Marten Taveras
22 years old, contestant

Instituto Nacional de Formación Tecnico Profesional (INFOTEP)
Alfredo Alcides Aquino Aguilar, expert Escuela Especializada en Ingeniería ITCA-FEPADE

Walter Celi Vaca

24 years old, contestant
Universidad Agraria del Ecuador

Roberto Guerrero, expert
Escuela Especializada en Ingeniería ITCA-FEPADE
 1200px-Flag_of_the_Philippines.svg.png Philippines

Isaac Greyole Balingit

20 years old, contestant  
ACLC College Malolos
Joey Manansala Jr., expert SHIFT101

Dang Quang Nguyen

23 years old, contestant
1C Innovation
Anton Shvyikovskiy, expert 1С-Vietnam

Oumaima Malouane

22 years old, contestant
l'Ecole Supérieur de Management, Télécommunication et d’Informatique (SupMTI)
Karim El Khaoua, expert University Cadi Ayyad

The IT Software Solutions for Business contest covers a wide range of tasks related to the analysis and design of software solutions, library development, desktop software solutions development, mobile software solutions development, and API development. We see it as an excellent opportunity for the contestants to demonstrate their experience in the development of 1C:Enterprise desktop and mobile applications they have gained during the 1С Skills Camp and see how they compare to their peers in other countries.

Alfredo Aquino, an expert from the Central American Technological Institute (El Salvador) and a member of the Dominican Republic team, says:

Skills are essential for personal and professional development.
They are useful for the software creation process. And it is mandatory to learn and expand our knowledge to be able to find new ways of thinking and be capable of providing solutions to various problems in the globalized world.  The 1C platform fits in here really well as it expands our skills, giving us the tools to rapidly and conveniently create multiple platform software for different companies. It has been an honor for me to participate, learn and win stages 1 and 2 as a professional in the Americas region of 1C Skills Camp 2021. Also, it is an honor to collaborate with my teammate, Yodelvi Marten from the Dominican Republic, in the Online Friendly Skills Games 2021.

Another resident of Latin America, Mr. Walter Celi Vaca, Colombia, who has gained the highest score in the Skills Camp, will represent his country in these games for the first time in his life:

It’s clear that skills play a crucial role both in our work and in industries in general. It is for this reason 1C:Enterprise offers us the Skills Camp, and we enjoy a great opportunity to learn about the platform and its features. This not only opens up better opportunities for us, but also allows us to solve problems through IT solutions.

For most contestants who develop in the 1C platform, this is the first time to participate in such a notable developers contest. We firmly believe this will support the international growth of competencies in IT Software Solutions for Business and stipulate wider use of 1C:Enterpise as one more tool to develop business applications.

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