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Hi all,

Do you have data conversion configuration in english? Data exchange module that will work with english script? Ability to make it in mobile platform? So data exchange will provided in JSON format?

What do I want - in mobile platform configuration and central db there will be data exchange module that works in english script and in optimized json format.

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Hi Murat!

I’ll clarify if we have "Data Conversion" in English, but even the Russian version of this configuration should work with English scripts.

If you want to make data exchange between the mobile application and the central base, you can see this example:

This article describes communication through the REST API. This is the easiest way to make data exchange between the mobile application and the central base.

A more complicated way: you need to create a web service in a central database, publish it on a web server, and the mobile application must connect to this web service and transfer (or receive) the necessary data.

Unfortunately, I can’t give a ready-made example, but in the near future we will publish an article on this topic.


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