Specifying general properties

The General category includes the following properties:

  • Text. The cell text. This property is available if the Contains value property in the Values category is not set and the Fill property of the Template category has the Text or Template value.
  • Text placement. Specifies how text is displayed if it does not fit into a cell.

    Text placement



    Display parts that do not fit the adjacent cells if these cells are empty.


    Limit the visible text part with the left and right cell borders.


    Limit the visible text part with the left and right cell borders and replace all the characters in the visible part with the number sign (#). Use this option when misinterpretation is possible (for example, when a cell contains a number).


    Wrap the cell text if it does not fit the cell width.

  • Name. The area name.
  • Protection. Shows whether the selected cells and pictures are protected from modification (whether the Read Only property is set for the spreadsheet document).
  • Hyperlink. Shows whether a single click is enough to open the cell details. For spreadsheet documents located in forms, a click calls the Selection event handler and, if the standard processing flag is set, this calls the DetailProcessing event handler. For spreadsheet documents that are used independently (for example, reports), this calls the standard processing (for example, if a cell contains a reference to a Products list item, this opens the item form). For more information, see the description of the Details parameter property.
  • Column size change modeNormal or Quick change.
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