Designer: a workbench for application development

1C:Enterprise includes Designer — a powerful workbench for quick development and modification of applied solutions. Designer is included with almost all 1C:Enterprise products, and the users of these products have access to the same toolset as 1C staff.

The applied solution development tools supported by Designer include the following:

  • Configuration tree, properties palette and configuration object editors: tools for describing metadata objects visually, i.e., entities that form the structure of the applied solution.
  • Syntax Assistant.
  • The wizards that automate the creation of certain elements of the applied solution, including the following:
    • Query Wizard.
    • Output Form Wizard.
    • Register Records Wizard.
    • Print Wizards.
    • Input on Basis Wizard.
    • Form Wizards (for various configuration objects).
    • Menu Wizard.
    • Format String Wizard.
    • Template Wizard.
    • Data Composition Appearance Template Wizard.
  • Various editors, including the following:
    • Form Editor.
    • Text Editor (also used as a module editor).
    • Spreadsheet Document Editor.
    • HTML editor.
    • User Interface Editor.
    • Picture Editor.
    • Screen Forms Editor.
  • Global Search and Replace Mechanism.
  • Text Templates Mechanism.
  • Configuration Comparison and Merging Mechanism.
  • Configuration Save/Load Mechanism.
  • Group Development Mechanism.
  • Supply and Support Mechanism.
  • Installation Package Development Mechanism.
  • Debugger.
  • Configuration Verification Mechanism.
  • Configuration Dump/Restore Mechanism.
  • Performance Meter.
  • Interface Text Edit Mechanism.
  • A number of other tools.

Configuration development and modification tools are not just for professional programmers and can be used by anybody. A low learning curve and user friendliness were the key factors taken into account during their development. Experience has shown that an experienced user is able to modify certain parts of the applied accounting solution easily and effectively.

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