Integration tools

1C:Enterprise supports broad integration with different systems. The following integration technologies are available:

  • processing of XML documents,
  • interaction via COM connection,
  • interaction through the Automation feature (Client and Server),
  • use of HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols,
  • working with e-mail,
  • exchange via text files, including sequential read for large text files,
  • data exchange via DBF files.

1C:Enterprise 8 also employs COM-based feature to extend script functionality by developing external components using Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, and Borland Delphi.

These tools are successfully used by 1C developers and third parties to create a wide range of 1C:Enterprise-compatible applications and develop external components performing various functions like connecting to various devices, using Internet technologies, etc.

Among the examples are the following:

  • XML schema generator for quick setup of data exchange between 1C:Enterprise applied solutions (configurations) or between the applications and other information systems.
  • CommerceML, a Russian standard for XML exchange of business information developed by Microsoft, Intel, 1C, and a number of other Russian Internet companies.
  • A standard for exchanging data between 1C:Enterprise and online banking systems.
  • A wide range of solutions to integrate 1C:Enterprise with various retail equipment (cash machines, POS terminals, electronic scales, etc.). This is one of the best examples of how the external component technology is used to develop tools for 1C:Enterprise integration with various systems and devices.
  • Solutions that support data exchange between 1C:Enterprise accounting software and information systems of the Ministry of Taxation of the Russian Federation and other public authorities.
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