Formatted document fields

A form can have a Field of formatted document item, which is intended for storing text documents with some formatting: color highlighting, font changes, hyperlinks, pictures, and more.

This field can be used for creating an email message or for editing a simple HTML document.

If a formatted document field is read-only, you can follow the links in that field by clicking them. The resulting pages are opened in new browser windows.

To save a formatted document as a text file or an HTML document, on the File menu, click Save or Save as.

You can format a document using its command bar commands. Alternatively, in the main menu, point to Text and select a command.

The following list briefly describes the available formatting options.

Changing fonts. There are two ways to change the font.

  • On the main menu, point to Text and click Font and then, in the Select font dialog box, select the font type, font size, and style (Bold, Underline, Italic, or Strikethrough), and click OK.
  • Select the text and use the command bar buttons to increase or decrease the font size and to select the font style (bold, italic, or underlined).

Selecting text and background colors. Select the text and click the Change background color or Change text color command. Then, in the Select color dialog box, select a color and click OK.

Inserting a hyperlink. Select an object (text or picture) and click the Insert hyperlink command. Then, in the URL field, enter the link address and click OK.

A hyperlink is formatted using a regular hyperlink style, which is blue underlined text.

Inserting a picture. Click the Insert picture command and select a picture file.

Inserting symbols. Click the Insert symbol command and select a symbol.

Inserting a list. To start a bulleted list, click the Bullet list command.  To start a numbered list, click the Numbered list command. Then enter the text.

To add the next list item, press Enter.

To end the list, press Enter twice or press Backspace to delete the last bullet or number in the list.

Specifying text alignment. Select the text and click the Left, Right, Center, or Justify command.

Changing indents. You can increase or decrease indents for one or several paragraphs.

Select the text and click the Increase Indent or Decrease Indent command.

Changing line spacing. Select the text and click the Line spacing command. In the window that is opened, enter the spacing or change it using the buttons, then click OK.

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