Changes affecting the system behavior

  • The size of the window, formed by InputValue() function, is stored separately for each of the following types: date, number, string, multi-line string. The size of the text box in case of multiline input is equal to 5 lines for the first function call.
  • The sequence of attributes has been changed in the list of attributes of managed form wizard for the document journal.
  • The calculator window and the calendar windows always open in windows, which size is not less than minimal window size for the browser when web client is operating using the Safari web-browser.
  • If configuration is being edited for the Managed application run mode, then user interfaces are excluded from the list of objects, in which the search is performed, in the global search dialog (the Text types tab).
  • In the Desktop command interface editor commands are shown as elements of tree of available commands, subordinated to metadata objects, even if object has only one command.
  • The sequence of form types has been changed in the SettingsStorage object form wizard.
  • If access to fields, required for obtaining the reference object representation, is forbidden by data access restrictions or access to object is restricted at the access rights level, then obtaining presentation of such an object does not affect the process of current transaction.
  • Dynamic list, placed in the ordinary form, activates the fill checking (if version 8.1 compatibility mode is disabled and the editing mode is set In list) upon completion of editing for the following objects: catalog, document, chart of characteristic types, exchange plan, chart of accounts, chart of calculation types, business process, task of the business process, information register.
  • The data composition system field is considered unavailable, if all fields used in the expression for this field, are associated with disabled functional options. In such a case all fields, included into the field expression in the query, are taken into account, and also expressions from unions, if they are found.
  • Installation program registers the cluster consol "for computer". Registration, performed using the RegMSC.cmd command file, is executed "for user".
  • Installation program registers the COM-connector "for computer". There is a possibility to perform registration "for user" using the command line: regsvr32 /n /i:user comcntr.dll.
  • If the webinst.exe utility has not enough access rights when executing the publication, then request on privileges escalation is executed.
  • Attachment of add ins, created using the COM technology, using methods LoadAddIn(), AttachAddIn() and registration of add in objects are executed "for user". If the registration "for user" is failed, then "for computer" registration attempt is executed.
  • Installation program (and launch of client application using /RegServer option) executes registration of the "V82.Application" object "for computer". If the privileges to perform this operation are not enough, the user is prompted to register "for user". If the registration "for user" is failed, then "for computer" registration attempt is executed.
  • The ragent.exe and crserver.exe applications control the necessary privileges for operations of registration, cancellation of registration, service start and service stop. If the required rights are absent, then the request for privilege escalation is executed.
  • If there are columns with the same name when generating table, located in the Data field of the event log record, then these columns are merged into one. At the same time the count of rows in this table is increased in such a way so that in the resulting column there are all unique values from the columns with the same name. Values, specified in other columns, are duplicated in the generated rows.
  • Decrypt() method call of the CryptoManager object throws an exception only after unsuccessful attempts to decrypt are finished using all available certificates, and not after the first error.
  • Parameters (TComp, LogUI, WSN, WSA, WA, NoProxy, Proxy, Out, DebuggerUrl, Debug, DisplayPerformance, SimulateServerCallDelay (except web-client)) are transferred from the current application launching command line to the application launching command line (for thin and thick clients), used in RunSystem() and Exit() methods and when the Restart button is pressed in the error dialog. Parameters, which can be specified both in the command line and interactively, are transferred to a new command line only in case they were specified exactly by the command line parameters.
  • Implemented the possibility to install add-ins, extenstion for working with files and cryptography extension by users with rights to install ActiveX and working in the Internet Explorer web browser on Windows Vista Business OS (and higher) with the ActiveX Installer Service enabled.
  • If the installation of the driver protection key is chosen in the installation program and the installation is running under Windows Vista or above, then the user will be prompted to increase the privileges (UAC) before performing the installation.

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