Distributed infobases

The distributed infobase scenario is a form of universal data exchange.

Attention! If you use the training version of the 1C:Enterprise platform, you will be unable to reproduce this example because distributed infobases are not supported by the training version.

Distributed infobases have identical configurations at all nodes and a tree-like node structure. They support not only exchange of data changes but also exchange of configuration changes.

The distributed infobase scenario employs exchange plans. Exchange plan configuration objects have the Distributed infobase property to support this scenario.

If you set the property to True, it enables the distributed infobase scenario for the exchange plan, and then you can create a distributed infobase using solely interactive means, without writing any script.

However, this feature does not prevent you from managing exchange using 1C:Enterprise script tools as they are also available for distributed infobase operations.

The following example describes both exchange implementation methods in a distributed infobase scenario.

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