Add-in limitations

Keep in mind that an add-in can be attached both in a window application (thick client or thin client) and in a console application (for example, on a 1C:Enterprise server or in a web client) that can lack the main window, other windows, event queue, timers that use the event queue, and the option to set an event hook (for example, to the keyboard). You have to ensure the availability of the environment required for correct add-in operation.

In mobile platform add-ins, do not call the following methods from the system thread because an application might stop responding after an attempt to open a modal window:

  • bool ADDIN_API Confirm (const WCHAR_T* queryText, tVariant* retval)
  • bool ADDIN_API Alert (const WCHAR_T* text)

For Windows Runtime and Windows Runtime Phone, the option to load dynamic libraries from web publications is not implemented.

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