Lesson 19 (0:40). Database search

The Infobase of Jack of All Trades is very small for now. In the process of creating and testing the configuration you only added a few materials and services and posted a small number of documents.

But real-life Infobases contain much more data and sometimes locating required data is a challenging task, especially for a user who is not deeply familiar with the products (services) or with the list of contractors.

To simplify the search for information in the database, 1C:Enterprise offers full-text search. The advantage of this search is the usage of simple and natural search queries, such as "peterson phone". You can also use operators similar to those used for Internet search (AND, OR, NOT, and so on).

The full-text search is handy when you do not know the exact location of the required data (for example, a specific catalog). Full-text search is absolutely vital when you do not know exactly what you need to search for (for example, you do not remember the exact name of a product or a contractor).

Besides, full-text search finds data where other search tools are very time-consuming or require the creation of special algorithms and data processors. For example, full-text search works well with lengthy text fields and fields of the ValueStorage type.

In this lesson you will learn the basics of full-text search, create a full-text index, and use the search based on this index to find specific data in the Jack of All Trades database.

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