Add-in Development Technology

The 1C:Enterprise 8 platform is designed to perform a wide range of business automation tasks. It has powerful design tools that allow you to tune off-the-shelf applications for the business processes of a specific company. At the same time, 1C:Enterprise is an open system. The built-in import/export tools that support plain text and XML formats can be used for communication with other software systems; the platform supports the OLE Automation software integration standard and provides web service access. However, closer interaction between 1C:Enterprise 8 and other software systems may be required to solve specific integration tasks.

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The add-in development technology is provided for solving such problems. This technology allows you to create programs that dynamically connect to 1C:Enterprise 8 and interact with it. Add-ins allow you to resolve a wide range of special tasks, including tasks related to using various point-of-sale equipment integrated with 1C:Enterprise 8. Custom add-ins can also be connected to the 1C:Enterprise application server, as well as to the client applications, including the web client.

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