Publishing infobases

Use the Publish Infobase dialog box to specify web server settings for publishing 1C:Enterprise Infobases. To be able to publish Infobases on Windows, you have to run EDT as administrator (right-click the 1cedt.ext file and click Run as administrator). Note that on Windows Vista or later you have to explicitly run this command, even if your operating system user account is included in a group with administrator rights. To be able to publish Infobases on Linux, your user account must have the write right for the httpd.conf file and for the directory that stores the default.vrd file.

When you publish an Infobase, specify the following mandatory parameters:

  • Infobase to be published. If you publish an Infobase from the Infobases view, you cannot change the Infobase.
  • 1C:Enteprise version (defines the 1C:Enterprise server extension version to be published to the web server). Note that all of the Infobases published to the web-server use the extension that was published last.
  • Web-server used for publishing.

The other publishing parameters are similar to the publishing parameters available in Designer.

If the publishing requires restarting a web server, restart it manually.

Note that the web-server embedded in EDT only supports the publishing of mobile applications. You cannot publish an application that runs on a desktop computer to that web server.

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