This function returns the class number, starting with 1 (which represents Class A).


ClassificationABC(Value, GroupCount, PercentageForGroups, GroupName)


  • Value. Type: String. A value for calculating the classification. It is a string that contains an expression.
  • GroupCount. Type: Number. The number of groups for splitting.
  • PercentageForGroups. Type: Number. Sizes (percentage) of each group, except for the last one, comma-separated.
  • GroupName. Type: String. The name of the grouping for group processing calculation. The calculation is performed in the current group if none is specified. If calculation is performed on a table and the parameter includes a null string or is blank, the value is calculated for the row grouping. When the data composition template is generated, the template composer replaces this name with the grouping name in the resulting template. If the grouping is not available, the function is replaced with NULL.  


ClassificationABC("Sum ([Quantity Turnover])", 3)

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