Transition from the version 8.2 to the version 8.3.3

  • Conversion of configurations, Ifobases, external data processors, and external reports is not required during the upgrade from version 8.2 to version 8.3.3.
  • To use certain features of version 8.3.3 you have to disable the compatibility mode. The structure of certain database objects is modified when disabling or enabling the compatibility mode. Note that to be able to work with Infobases created using 1C:Enterprise version 8.2 you have to set the compatibility mode to the Version 8.2.16.

    In order to use certain optimization improvements, you have to restructure data related to the optimization areas. To restructure data, you can use the Verify and repair mode, or perform forced restructuring of the required objects.

  • Simultaneous operating of 1C:Enterprise 8.3.3 and earlier 1C:Enterprise versions with a single file Infobase is not supported. In this case a diagnostic error message is displayed.
  • It is recommended that you revise the list of Infobases. Infobases that are present in the list when version 8.3.3 is installed in most cases have version 8.2 or 8.1 (because it is the default version, which is set automatically when an Infobase is created or added to the list). Therefore, in order to open an Infobase in 8.3.3 (using the program that starts 1C:Enterprise), you have to specify the required version in the list of Infobase startup settings, or specify the version directly in the Infobase settings.
  • At the first start of the er cluster version 8.3.3 on the computer that has previous versions of the server cluster installed, the content of the cluster register file (1CV8Reg.lst) is converted to a new format. The register of the server cluster 8.3.3 is stored in the file 1CV8Clst.lst, in the same directory as the cluster register of the previous versions. There is no data synchronization between cluster registers of different versions after the first start of server cluster 8.3.3. 

    To perform the conversion of the cluster register from version 8.2 to version 8.3 once more, stop the server cluster 8.3, delete the server cluster 8.3 register (the 1CV8Clst.lst file), and then start the server cluster 8.3.3.

  • To increase the performance of the configuration repository in a scenario when a repository server is used, disable the compatibility mode of the configuration repository. To access the configuration repository using earlier 1C:Enterprise versions, enable the compatibility mode of the configuration repository. The conversion process can take significant time.
  • Changed the full-text search index format. For efficient full-text search when using input by string, it is recommended that you clear and update the full-text search index during the transition to 1C:Enterprise version 8.3.3. It is also recommended that you clear and then update the full-text search index during the transition to earlier platform versions.
  • For Infobases that use the OpenID authentication, you have to change the publishing settings in the default.vrd file.

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