Adding a document

Let us add the Goods receipt document.

  1. Open Designer and add a Document configuration object.
  2. On the Main tab, in the Name field, type GoodsReceipt.

    The platform fills the synonym based on the name.

    Let us also define the document presentations in the 1C:Enterprise interface. You do not have to fill Object presentation because the synonym will be used instead. This is totally suitable because the document name is specified in the singular.

    On the contrary, you have to specify List presentation in the plural.
  3. In the List presentation field, type Goods receipts (fig. 4.4).

    Fig. 4.4. Specifying main document properties
  4. Click Next.

    This opens the Subsystems tab.

    The configuration logic suggests that the list of goods receipts should be available in the Inventory and Accounting sections. Indeed, this document is directly related to the first section and the list of documents that record delivery of materials can be frequently needed for accounting analysis.
  5. Select the Accounting and Inventory checkboxes (fig. 4.5).

    Fig. 4.5. Specifying subsystems where the document is available
  6. Click the Data tab, click Add  above the list of document attributes, and create the Warehouse attribute (fig. 4.6).

    Fig. 4.6. Creating a document attribute
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