Comment attribute of documents

This article describes the standards that apply to the Comment attribute of documents. All of the listed recommendations are mandatory unless noted otherwise.

This recommendation is optional

1. It is recommended that you create the Comment attribute (a string of undefined length) for all documents. Its serves for user notes that are not related to the document logic (such as the reason for setting a deletion mark). User access rights to the field are the same as their access rights to the document (if the document is read-only, make the comment read-only; if writing the document is allowed, editing the comment is also allowed).

2. If the standard usage scenario implies that users add arbitrary text data to the document, create additional attributes for storing this data. For example, if you need to store client communication history in a Customer order, create the Additional info attribute for this purpose instead of using the Comment attribute.

3. In the simplest scenario, you can use the InputString function as an external editor for comments. If your configuration includes 1C:Subsystems Library, you can use the OpenCommentEditForm procedure of the CommonUseClient module.

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