Setting filter by current value

You can use the Filter and Sort dialog box to set a filter by a cell value. Alternatively, you can use the Filter By Current Value command or the matching command bar button.

The command is available if filtering by this column is available (check whether the Filter By Current Value button is available in the command bar).

To filter by a value, select the cell containing this value and then click Filter By Current Value. This applies the filter and the filter button appears pressed.

Filtering by a value is equivalent to filtering by this column while specifying a single value and the Equal to filter criterion.

To cancel filtering by value, select the cell containing this value and click Filter By Current Value again.

You can filter by value sequentially (first by a value in one column, then by a value in another column, and so on).

If a filter other than filter by value is applied to a column, the Filter By Current Value button does not appear pressed, and filtering by value changes the criteria of the previous filter.

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