Static library

The static library *.a is intended for building the application by linking an add-in to the platform.

To avoid naming conflicts, the add-in code must have its own unique namespace. The namespace name must exactly match the add-in name or include the add-in name.

The static component registration is performed during the application startup. See the following example.

#if defined(__APPLE__) && !defined(BUILD_DYNAMIC_LIBRARY)
    static LPCVOID addin_exports[] =
        "GetClassObject", (LPCVOID)GetClassObject,
        "DestroyObject", (LPCVOID)DestroyObject,
        "GetClassNames", (LPCVOID)GetClassNames,
        "SetPlatformCapabilities", (LPCVOID)SetPlatformCapabilities,
    DECLARE_DLL((const char*)g_kComponentNames, addin_exports);

See the project example in directory \example\NativeAPIMobile\iOS_Proj\

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