Virtual table parameters

Let us specify the Periodicity virtual table parameter.

  1. In the Tables field, click the SalesTurnovers table, and then click the Virtual table parameters  button (fig. 13.58).

    Fig. 13.58. Specifying virtual table parameters
  2. In the Virtual table parameters window, set Periodicity to Day (fig. 13.59).

    Fig. 13.59. Specifying virtual table parameters
  3. Click OK.
  4. Select the following table fields (fig. 13.60):
    • SalesTurnovers.Technician
    • SalesTurnovers.Period
    • SalesTurnovers.Customer
    • SalesTurnovers.RevenueTurnover

    Fig. 13.60. Selected fields
  5. Click the Unions/Aliases tab and type Revenue as the alias for the SalesTurnovers.RevenueTurnover field (fig. 13.61).

    Fig. 13.61. Unions/aliases
  6. Click OK.
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