Changes requiring configuration changes

  • The technology for creation of add-ins has been changed, it is recommended to modify the add-ins (created using COM technology), as well as the extensions for the web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, in such a way as to execute the registration of an add-in or of an extension not for the computer, but for the specific user. During the installation the add-in should not generate messages about successful installation. It is executed by the web client. The add-ins not generating messages are not compatible with the 1C:Enterprise of the version earlier than 8.2.11.
  • It is prohibited to assign the values of the type of FormDataStructure, FormDataCollection, FormDataCollectionItem, FormDataTree, FormDataTreeItem, FormDataTreeItemCollection, FormDataStructureAndCollection to the attributes of the following form type: FormDataStructure, FormDataCollectionItem, FormDataTreeItem. Exception is generated in the case of an attempt to execute such assignment.
  • The value of Use always property for the subordinate attributes (constants) is set by default as False value for the attribute of ConstantsSet type form.
  • The Object parameter type of the Contains() and Find() methods of the FunctionalOptionContent object has been changed for the Metadata object type. The option of specifying the values of former types has been left for compatibility.
  • Repeat selection of the current command of the application main window navigation panel does not lead to the command execution.
  • It is necessary to have administrative permissions to use the following methods: SetEventLogJournalEventUsing() and GetEventLogJournalEventUsing().
  • The use of command line parameters, transferred in the AdditionalParametersOfCommandLine, in the Exit() and the Terminate() global context methods, has been implemented in the web client. All the values of the command line parameters, which can be passed during the web client startup to the address line, can be used in this parameter.
  • Setting of parameters of functional options for the main window form (with the use of the SetFormFunctionalOptionParameters() method) affects the content of the auxiliary window navigation panel.
  • The SkipOnInput property has been implemented for the Decoration form element. Automatic determination of the need skip the element has been implemented during the setting of the SkipOnInput property value in the Auto value, for the following form elements: Field, Button, Table and Decoration. For example, this property will have the No value for the Button form elements, provided this button is the default button, and Yes if it is not the case.
  • All the fields of data sets of the data composition system (regardless of the field value type) are available for selection. The fields of UUID type are additionally available for selection, grouping and ordering.
  • The use of editing parameters set in the field containing the characteristic value, including the choice parameter links (set in metadata), the quick choice, etc., is implemented in the data composition system when working with characteristics (input in the form of fields corresponding to the types of characteristics).
  • Setting of the current user language as the template language has been implemented for getting the template on the server and in the external connection mode. The behavior has not changed in the mode of compatibility with the 8.1 version (the configuration language is set by default).
  • Filling of the Data path for a new user field in the data composition system is executed according to the script option set up in the configuration. The data path looks as UserFields.Field<N> in the English option of the script, and it looks as ПользовательскиеПоля.Поле<N> in the Russian option, where <N> is the unique field number. The behavior has not changed in the mode of compatibility with the 8.1 version (the data path has always been generated in the English language).
  • When opening the ordinary form of information register record, the Period property value is set as equal to the current date, provided this property is not filled. In 8.1 version compatibility mode such filling is executed only if the form of record is opened from the list form. In other cases this property is not filled.
  • The English language value SpaceCharacters has been changed for the XDTOFacetType system enumeration. Whitespace is used instead of WhiteSpace.
  • The description of the IBM DB2 DBMS system operation has been included. Query connection is not allowed if two tables are being connected with the condition, including the comparison of the tabular section fields.
  • Checking of the existence of the OS indicated user is not executed when setting the OSUser property value for the InfobaseUser object and when editing the user in Designer mode.
  • The ChoiceProcessing handler invocation (as well as processing of the handler parameters’ values after the completion of its execution) has been implemented for the text box for the following cases:
    • Selection of value from the choice list opened in the process of the text input;
    • Selection of value from the choice list opened upon the completion of the text input;
    • Selection of the single value upon the completion of the work with the input field.
  • The column fixation mechanism in the managed form table has been changed. Instead of defining the number of columns, which will be fixed to the left and to the right, specific columns (or groups of columns) that will need to be fixed are indicated. FixedInTable property has been implemented for the indication of the need of fixation (for the form field located in the table and for the group of Group of columns type). Thus, the number of fixed columns will depend on the columns fixation settings, on the values of functional options, on the user rights and on the current user settings. FixedLeft and FixedRight properties are not recommended for use and have been left for compatibility purposes.
  • ErrorDescription() global context method operation has been changed. Now the result of the method operation contains the error text including the information on the module line and on all the nested errors. It is not recommended to use the method to generate messages to the user.
  • The option of setting the Dynamic data reading has been implemented for the dynamic list of the managed form with the RecordsWithExtDimensions main table. It is recommended to set up this property for the dynamic lists created in the previous versions.
  • Keywords for the query language extension for the CHARACTERISTICS data composition system have been renamed: LIST has been renamed to CHARACTERISTICSTYPES, IDENTIFIER has been renamed to KEYFIELD, NAME has been renamed to NAMEFIELD, VALUETYPE has been renamed to VALUETYPEFIELD, VALUES has been renamed to CHARACTERISTICVALUES, OBJECT has been renamed to OBJECTFIELD, CHARACTERISTIC has been renamed to TYPEFIELD, VALUE has been renamed to VALUEFIELD. The old names have been left for compatibility purposes.
  • The event log saving format has been changed. The extension .elf has been changed to .lgf for files, containing common event log information. For the part of the event log file the extension .log changed to .lgp.
  • If there is no schedule data for a specific record of the base calculation register and this record fully gets in the base period, the result of this record is taken into account. In 8.1 version compatibility mode this record result is ignored.
  • Using values of TempTablesManager type as return values of module functions with return values reuse with During session scope is prohibited. If such value is used, the exception will occur.
  • When deleting objects using method DeleteObjects(), any exception occurred during the deletion, leads tо the termination of deleting process and return of control to the built-in language. In 8.1 version compatibility mode the behavior has not changed (some exceptions were handled on one’s own and notice of the calling code was not performed).
  • When performing drag and drop to the managed form table, connected with form attribute of FormDataCollection, FormDataTree, FormDataStructureAndCollection type, the following is transferred as value for the Value property of DragParameters parameters for DragCheck and Drag events:
    • Row id, if dragging is performed within a single table,
    • Collection item, if dragging is performed between different tables.
  • Disabling the ChangeRowOrder property does not prevent dragging from another table.
  • If more than one element is being dragged into the table with ChangeRowOrder property set to True or drag is performed from outside of this table, then the standard event handler DragCheck does not cancel the drag.
  • Modified the automatic generating of managed form item names. Changed names of managed form items of the report created by the form wizard.
  • If in the query the totals are obtained by balance fields, the data in query is obtained by union and at the same time the balance fields are obtained in one part and zero values are obtained in the second part, then the query must clearly indicate obtaining of fields – the periods, for which the data is obtained from virtual table.
  • The documents register records wizard includes in the generated code the call to delete existing register records of the record sets, the new register records are generated for, in case when the configuration’s main run mode is Ordinary application and the document’s Register record deletion property is set to Delete automatically on clearing posting or Do not delete automatically. It is recommended to modify configurations accordingly.

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