New functions and changes in 1C:Enterprise mode

  • When the error occurs during installation of add-in, file system extension or cryptographic tools extension, while using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, a link to a page with a description of ActiveX security settings is displayed (along with the error text) in the error window.
  • The main menu command Help – Peculiarities of web browser setup, in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, opens the help page containing links to the following help pages:
    • Setup of web browser for obtaining files
    • Setup of web browser for working with extensions and add-ins
    • Description of full web browser setup.
  • On the first call of the GetFile() global context method by the specified address of the Infobase, when the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser is used, a notification is displayed. It contains a hyperlink to the help page with a description of settings, required for obtaining files.
  • On the first open of the main application window by the specified address of the Infobase, and also every time the additional application window is opened, the web browser pop-up blocker operating is checked. If the pop-up blocker is active then the web client stops executing code and the following actions are performed:
    • For the Mozilla Firefox web browser, the settings dialog is displayed, using which the required settings can be.
    • The instruction on settings is opened for other web browsers.

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