1C:Document Management

Modern ECM system with a wide range of features for business processes management and collaborative employee work.

Why 1C:DM?

1C:Document Management (1C:DM) is a high-end ECM system offering a wide range of features for the management of business processes and employees’ collaboration. We are offering a versatile solution suitable for enterprises of any type and size.


Proven methods and practices to manage electronic documents, supervise tasks, standardize management processes and make them more efficient.

Comprehensive solution

Full functionality is available from the start and requires no additional charge.

Integration with any product

1C:DM offers many integration mechanisms like web services, RESTful API, HTTP, COM, etc. Thanks to the built-in seamless integration solution other 1C applications can be used to work with 1C:DM data, assign and perform tasks, and send documents for approval along any route.

Use on any device

Access 1C:DM on a desktop with a thin client application or any modern browser, or simply install our free app on your Android/iOS device.

Best Functionality for Business and Industry

Управление документами.png  Document management
Create documents per your corporate standards using forms and templates containing all the necessary particulars. Track changes in documents as well as document versions, make sure documents are properly processed, track the location of hard copies and scan them. Send documents for endorsement, approval, review, and implementation making sure each step is completed in a due manner and on time.
Работа с файлами.png  File management
Store files of any type in a folder structure and assign access rights. Create files from templates and send ready documents along any route. Sign files with an electronic signature or encrypt them to prevent unauthorized use. Perform full-text searches in documents automatically recognized from images.
Работа с договорными документами.png  Contract administration and management
Use 1C:DM to easily create both contracts and supporting or related documentation using templates and linked documents. Supervise contract approval, signing, and implementation. Monitor how contract obligations are fulfilled, and track the availability of supporting documents. 1C:DM provides full support for contract-related core processes: - preparation of contracts; - approval; - confirmation of the return of submitted copies; - management of supporting documents; - tracking of contracts duration; - implementation control; - termination. Applicable changes will be introduced automatically. The software will - extend contracts where necessary; - track the transfer of the document to the counterparty for signing; - monitor duration of contract and milestones.
Электронная почта.png  Email
Work with emails directly in the system without switching to other programs and interfaces. Use multiple mailboxes if needed. Assign tasks and orders directly within emails attaching document-related communication or append tasks with emails. Dispatch documents from the system with a single click.
Совместная работа.png  Collaboration
Book a meeting room and notify participants about the place and time of the event. The system will automatically check personal calendars of attendees for their availability and suggest the time convenient for all. Monitor adherence to agenda, participate in group discussions, and vote in forums. Use corresponding reports to measure meeting success.
Учет и планирование рабочего времени.png  Time tracking
Track how much time an employee spends on a document or a task. Evaluate time spent per type of work or specific project. Track your employees' performance using the Employee Performance Report. Plan your team’s workload using various modes in the built-in calendar ("Day," "Week," "Month," etc.).
 Effective process management

Define your workflow using both standard (template) processes and unique ones, set strict routing for your documents, and initiate processes in sync with corresponding business events. Keep track of the process hierarchy arranging them in chains and setting the necessary sequence of operations. Evaluate employee performance based on such indicators as timely completion and task success, number of deadline extensions, documents approval status, etc.

Проектный учет и контроль исполнения.png  Project administration and follow-up
Support project activities with required documentation, manage project-related correspondence, communicate with team members throughout the project lifecycle, supervise tasks progress and get analytics on the progress of company projects.

Market success

We are proud of more than 2,700 successful implementations of 1C:Document Management software.

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