Developer tools


Welcome to developer tools!

The 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform Training version contains everything you need to develop, debug, and execute any application created based on 1C:Enterprise.
Once you have installed the 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform Training Version, you can run it locally and start developing new applications or customizing of existing ones.
The mobile platform is designed for developing applications for mobile devices running on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile.
Thin client of 1C:Enterprise platform is designed to connect to 1C:Enterprise server both via local network or Internet.
The 1C:Enterprise - File Workshop is a stand-alone software which is distributed free of charge. It is designed for viewing and editing 1C:Enterprise format files at those computers where 1C:Enterprise platform is not installed.
The following file formats are supported: text document (*.txt), spreadsheet document (*.mxl), HTML document (*.htm, *.html), graphical schema (*.grs), geographical schema (*.geo).
This page lists reports and data processors that you can include in your configurations.
Welcome! Here you can try online demos of different applications developed based on 1C:Enterprise. The demo-versions are available through a web-client or a thin client. Some of the demos can be downloaded from our site to use and customized locally.