1C:Enterprise 8 mobile platform

The mobile platform is designed for developing applications for mobile devices running on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile. The mobile platform includes Android and iOS SDK, and Mobile application builder.

Download 1C:Enterprise 8 mobile platform

Please note that regarding the license agreement for 1C:Enterprise mobile platform, to install and use mobile applications created on 1C:Enterprise mobile platform for the mobile devices of employees, the organization must purchase a client license for the appropriate number of mobile workplaces.

If you install multiple applications created on 1C:Enterprise mobile platform for one device, you must purchase a client license for mobile workplaces for each of these applications.

For more details please proceed to my.1Ci.com to purchase licenses for 1C:Enterprise and other 1C products or contact: sales@1c.com

For information on supported OS and DBMS please see System requirements.

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