User and Access Rights Management

User Session Termination

    • Viewing and termination of active user sessions.
    • Temporary lock of user access and suspension of scheduled jobs.


    • Application user list.
    • Management of external users who have limited access to workstations handled by an application (for example, My Orders, Respondent Questionnaires, Requests, and similar).
    • Management of access rights for internal and external users (when deployed together with subsystem Access Management, the rights are managed on the subsystem side).
    • User groups (for internal and external users), authorization settings (password complexity, disable inactive accounts, etc.).
    • Copying and clearing of settings for internal and external users in reports, forms, home page, sections of the command interface, favorites page, spreadsheet printing, and others.

Access Management 

    • Management of individual and group access rights via user profiles and access groups. 
    • Management of access rights on the level of records (i.e. individual infobase data elements (elements of catalogs, documents, register entries, etc.)). 
    • Reports on assigned rights for individual users or user groups, or the rights assigned on a specific object or list. 
    • Two ways to deploy the functionality into an application:
      1) the standard mode for setting up access rights is intended for multi-user applications, in which administrators usually assign user rights via groups;
      2) the simplified mode allows setting up permissions individually for each user, which is better suited for solutions with a few users, where each one has its own unique set of rights.

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