Data Exchange demo

Data Exchange Demo Application demonstrates how to use the data exchange mechanism in 1C:Enterprise 8.

To complete the training course, use either a full version of 1C:Enterprise 8 platform or the free 1C:Enterprise 8 platform (training version).

Download 1C:Enterprise 8 platform (training version)

This application incorporates basic warehouse accounting elements but it's not intended to be used for accounting purposes. It is only a set of examples on how to use the data exchange mechanisms in 1C:Enterprise 8.

This application implements two data exchange variants using 1C:Enterprise 8:

  • Exchange with remote offices
  • Exchange with remote warehouses

A model of exchange implemented in the demo application is based on an exchange schema developed using specific principles (multiple offices and multiple office-related remote warehouses). The 1C:Enterprise 8 exchange mechanism can be used to implement exchange models supporting other exchange schemas.

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