Service subsystems

Data exchange

Available in version 2.0.

The subsystem offers functionality for data synchronization between applications based on the 1C:Enterprise platform. This includes tools and XML rules for:

  • Registration of data modification.
  • Data export.
  • Data import.
  • Data conversion if applications have a different structure.
  • Mapping identical objects that were created in both applications independently.

Full-text search

Available in version 1.0.

The subsystem offers full-text search functionality. This includes the search for a specific string in all attributes of all system objects, as well as search in attached files that contain text data.

Update legality check

Available in version 1.0.

During the update, the subsystem requests a confirmation that the update was obtained legally.

If the user does not confirm that the update was obtained legally, the update is canceled and the application shuts down.

File operations

Available in version 1.0.

The subsystem offers the following functionality:

  • Uploading files from the file system and creating files based on templates.
  • Editing files collaboratively.
  • Storing file versions and providing access to them.
  • Performing full-text search in the attached files.
  • Attaching files to Infobase objects.

Scheduled jobs

Available in versions 1.0 and 2.0.

The subsystem offers the following functionality:

  • Displaying and editing scheduled job parameters (changing job schedule, starting and stopping jobs).
  • Running scheduled jobs in the file mode.

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