Application Subsystems and User Workstations


    • Conducting surveys (among internal users and also external ones like clients, partners, etc.). 
    • Creating questionnaire templates and conducting surveys per specific respondent lists. 
    • Tools to analyze survey results. 


Business Processes and Tasks

    • Tasks (with completion statuses) assignable to users. 
    • Task lists with user notifications on active tasks and progress reports. 
    • Task creators and coordinators can monitor and manage task completion statuses. 
    • Basic functionality for developing business processes inside a configuration.  


Reports Options

    • Joint handling of reports per application default setting or as defined by users. 
    • Quick access panels for reports included in various sections of an application, search for reports and their versions. 
    • Report forms with quick settings for filters, groups, and layouts, plus service options like sending reports by mail, adding to mailing lists, auto sum, headers and footers, and much more. 
    • The universal report to view data from any catalogs, documents, and registers. 
    • API to manage the functionality and layout of forms and report panels.  



    • Tools to plan, register and manage interactions with clients, colleagues, and other contact persons: e-mail correspondence, calls, meetings, and text messages. 
    • Storing of all business interactions and respective contacts in an infobase and filtering chains of interactions by contacts and topics (for example, by customer orders). 
    • Joint access to the results of business interactions.  


Files Operations 

    • Joint editing of files, their arrangement by folders, or attaching files to catalogs or documents of user choice. 
    • Adding files from the file system of a computer or device, from a scanner, or creating files from templates. 
    • Viewing, comparing, and selecting file versions, removal of unnecessary or obsolete files, utilization of electronic signatures and encryption, content search, and image preview. 
    • Managing the placement of files in an infobase or external volumes (in network folders). 
    • File synchronization via cloud services.  


To-Do List

    • User to-dos (new letters, tasks, applications, pending orders, etc.) on the home page.  


Original Copies Management

    • Registration of signed outgoing/incoming primary documents (original copies). 
    • List of current statuses for the original copies of primary documents, including an individual status for each print form, and a joint status for a document as a whole. 
    • Customizable list of all statuses that may be required in document management. 


Message Templates

    • Sending of letters and text messages created out of predefined templates and based on data stored in catalogs and documents. 
    • Creation of message templates for mail and text messages. 
    • API to send template-based standard notifications as letters and text messages.  


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