1C Company provides a support to users of 1C:Enterprise, developers and partner through a community forum. They can also submit a support ticket to 1C Company within their personal account at If users or developers cannot resolve their issues, then they can contact 1C Company by an email:

1C Company can provide a Extended TechSupport which was launched as a pilot stage of a project aimed at extended technical support of international 1C:Enterprise solutions. Extended TechSupport is a post-sale type’s support to help our international clients, developers and partners in resolving of any technical issues they might face developing, deploying or maintaining 1C:Enterprise solutions. Extended TechSupport can be provided to the customer only together by 1C Company and 1C Partner, who was in charge of this customer.

1C Company provides support for applications developed on 1C:Enterprise and only released by 1C Company itself.

If you are using an application which was developed by 1C partner to get support please address the support request to an application’s vendor.

In case you do not have a contact of an application vendor in your country, please perform the following steps:

  1. Start your 1C:Enterprise based application;
  2. In the main menu bar, click 'Help', then - 'About' menu item;
  3. In the opened window - find configuration developer name (it should be other than '1C Company'), also the configuration name & version (under 'Configuration:' subtitle);
  4. Send your support request, including the information from the previous step to Please, send your request in English.
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