Extended TechSupport

1C Company launches a pilot stage of Extended TechSupport project for international 1C:Enterprise solutions.

Our mission is to help our international clients, developers and partners in resolving of any technical issues they might face developing, deploying or maintaining 1C:Enterprise solutions.

You will get an access to Extended TechSupport from 1C leading experts who will help you to deliver to the market a scalable and solid business application with a high quality and meeting all customer requirements and complying with the highest IT industry standards.

Are you a 1C Company client using a business application based on 1C:Enterprise?

Participating in the project gives you opportunities to:

  • Secure the best practices, technologies and algorithms for accomplishing your tasks and reaching your goals;
  • Speed up the process of achieving a working solution for your business;
  • Get the guaranty of application operation quality from the vendor.

Are you a 1C Company partner, who developing, deploying or supporting apps based on 1C:Enterprise?

Participating in the project gives you opportunities to:

  • Get the highest possible level of 1C Company Extended TechSupport including step by step guidances, direct access to 1C tech experts, SLA and much more;
  • Provide your clients with the best and sufficient service.

How to apply for the support?

To apply please fill out the online form.

1C Company role

1C Company provides you with personalized Extended TechSupport aimed at solving all tech issues you might face. The Extended TechSupport includes:

  • Provision of all necessary guidelines and best practices on design, development, deployment and maintenance of 1C:Enterprise applications;
  • Control the workflow, result quality and timeline;
  • Consulting about 1C:Enterprise programming tools and the programming language usage;
  • Help with necessary functionality design and development;
  • Assistance in making settings and administration of all system components including 1C:Enterprise server cluster, DBMS, OS and more;
  • Instant help with any tech issue.

So basically 1C Company guides, controls and helps in resolving tech issues, securing by all necessary means the achieving of the project objectives. But having this backup you still need a certified 1C partner to do the major part of the job: design, develop, deploy and maintain the solution.


To participate in the project as a client you have to have already bought all necessary products and licenses before we start to work together. We provide the Extended TechSupport only for existent clients - not the potential ones. In other words, we do not perform any presale tasks.

We require customers and their 1C:Enterprise solution to be located outside any of these countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. If the solution located in the countries listed above please proceed with the request for the support to the following link.

Support conditions


Every project is tripartite. The participants are:

  • The Client: uses 1C:Enterprise application;
  • The Partner: designs, develops, deploys and maintains the Client’s application;
  • 1С Company: guides and controls the process, secures achieving of the projects objectives, resolves the most complicated tech issues.

At the start of the project we sign a tripartite agreement including the project objectives, obligations of the parties and other important terms.


As soon as the project is successfully finished we publish its results on the site. This information includes essential system characteristics (software, hardware, workload and so on) as well as the project’s objectives and results.

We consider the publication to be an important outcome of every project, so we need your consent to the publication before we start the project. However, on your demand we can exclude from the publication any information which could point at your company.


1C Company charges no fee for its participation in pilot stage of the projects. Financial relationships between the Partner and the Client are left to their own discretion.


We communicate in English.


The length of the pilot stage and the number of pilot projects can be limited by 1C Company.

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