Administration and Maintenance Tools

Event Log Analyzer

    • Reports on user activities, duration of scheduled jobs, and log records of critical importance.

Additional Reports and Data Processors

    • Allows applications to attach additional (external) reports and data processors without modifying the configuration.
    • Additional reports and data processors can be linked to specific types of objects or sections of the command interface.
    • Data processor activation on schedule.
    • Management of additional reports and data processor lists via dedicated administration tools.
Application Settings

    • Ready-to-use workstations (panels) in the Administration section. 
    • Administration panel layout gets adjusted to the currently selected mode in an application. 
Configuration Update

    • Automatic update to a new version of an application, installation of error-correcting patches on demand (at a specified time in the future or on the application closing).
    • Installation of updates from a specified file on a local or network drive.
    • Changes in the main configuration apply to the database configuration. 

Document Records Report 

    • The report provides information on records generated by posting documents and the registers that received such records.

Performance Monitor

    • Benchmarking of application’s integral performance with the Apdex method.
    • Simplified and automated collection of data regarding the time spent on each key operation.
    • Tools for analyzing the measurement results.
    • Automatic export of performance indicators.


Duplicate Objects Detection

    • Search and removal of duplicate catalog elements.  
    • Replacement of one element with another, merging of several identical list elements into one.  
    • Automatic replacement of links to the removed duplicates in all documents and lists of an application.  
    • Report on where a specific element is used. 

Security Profiles

    • Automatic configuration of infobase security profiles.
    • Access to report on attached external resources. 

Scheduled Jobs

    • The list of scheduled jobs with customizable parameters (schedule, job start and stop).
    • External resources (data synchronization, mail send/receive, etc.) get locked at the start of infobase copying process.

Infobase Backup
    • Creation of information database backup copies on demand or according to a schedule.
    • Recovery of infobase copies from backup.
    • Reminding to configure backup settings (also in client-server mode).

Marked Object Deletion

    • Deletion of marked objects with subsequent control of integrity (checks if other objects refer to deleted ones).
    • Scheduled deletion of objects in the background.
    • Option to hide objects marked for deletion.

Totals and Aggregates Management
    • Administration of totals and aggregates in turnover accumulation registers.
    • Scheduled moving of totals border, recalculation, and updating of aggregates (according to the schedule).


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