AUSTDOOR JOINT STOCK COMPANY (ADG), being among the largest enterprises, holds a leading position in the business of manufacturing and sale of high-quality roller shutters in Vietnam. 

ADG is made up of 9 companies and employs over 2,000 people. Manufacturing facilities and administrative offices can be found in different cities and provinces.


    • Management and storage of all member companies’ data in a common information field.
    • Automation of internal ADG processes to reduce the time needed for tasks and documents processing.
    • Employee monitoring.
    • Companywide support for quick and successful processing of documents and requests as well as efficient management of works at any time and in any place.
    • Minimization of documents loss through the use of centralized storage and management solution.


    • ADG member companies were separated and could not enjoy a unified system.
    • Documents, reports, and contracts were stored locally on personal computers.
    • Top management had limited tools to ensure employees’ compliance.
    • Key processes were complicated and multilayered that resulted in time-consuming operation and depreciated overall performance.
    • The administrative department had limited tools to manage employee-assigned assets.
    • Lack of a formal interaction system between employees and managers resulted in a loss of information.


In compliance with the request of ADG's board of directors to identify a suitable solution for the enterprise digital transformation, the IT department have opted for 1C:Document Management as a product that fully met all ADG requirements.

Project scope: 602 users
Project duration:  3 months

Technical architecture peculiarities

Both head and member company offices operate in the common information field. Desktop is accessed via a thin client while a web server mechanism provides for remote access via various web browsers including Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

Unique and innovative

This is what makes the project unique:

    • Specifically designed "Asset Management" module to manage employee assigned assets per ADG requirements (asset full lifecycle from registration to the write off date).
    • Supervision of remote employees’ actual place of work via a mobile application.
    • Single data entry approach. Employees' data and HR tasks are synchronized via 1C:HRM.


    • All documents are stored on a single server within the common information field.
    • Complex multi-step processes with many routing conditions due to a number of legal entities, roles, departments can now be digitized and easily managed.
    • Tasks are fulfilled on time.
    • Managers assign and complete tasks directly in the mobile application.
    • Managers use “Employee Compliance Report” and “Delayed Task Report” to evaluate each employee's performance.
    • Digitalized and streamlined processes allow employees to get a clear picture on the sequence of their work tasks.
    • New employees do not get confused and easily immerse into the work process.

In addition to 1C:Document Management solution, ADG is also working to fully implement 1C: HRM & PAYROLL solution to manage human resources and salaries in the enterprise. The use of 1C solution well integrate and provide necessary support for already established traditional management structure.

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