Modifying configuration objects

So you have created new configuration objects and defined their basic properties required to implement your task.

But you will further see that you are not fully happy with some properties. In fact, you can never foresee everything in advance in the development process. Often some shortages only become obvious at run time. So when you review some preliminary results in 1C:Enterprise mode, it is important to be able to understand shortages and correct them on the fly.

This is why during this lesson we will demonstrate a backward development process. This is a valuable experience that we think will be very useful for you.

  • Run 1C:Enterprise in the debug mode.

    The purpose of this run is checking the interaction between the logically connected configuration objects: MaterialsAndServices catalog, MaterialOptions catalog, MaterialProperties chart of characteristic types, and MaterialPropertyValues information register.

    Note that you have not specified any subsystems for these objects. This is because displaying these objects outside of the logical connections between them has no particular sense. Since you have defined the catalog owners, the master information register dimension, and so on, the required objects are automatically added to the navigation panels of their owners as subordinate data.

    So ignore the system message stating that the created objects are not included in any subsystems.
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