Upgrading to Version 8.2 from Versions 8.1 and 8.0

  • It is possible to upgrade to version 8.2.9 from versions 8.1.5 and older as well as version 8.0.18.
  • The 1C:Enterprise 8.2.9 platform version can be installed on a computer without uninstalling the previous platform versions already installed.
  • Attention!

    Infobase, configuration, external data processors, and external reports formats have been changed. In order to work with a new 1C:Enterprise version, it is required to convert the infobase (configuration, external data processors, and external reports). Once conversion of a particular infobase (configuration, external data processor, and external report) begins, this infobase will not be available for operation with the previous versions of the 1C:Enterprise 8 versions.

  • Please, create a backup copy of an infobase (configuration, external data processor, external report) prior to conversion!
  • If any software or hardware failures occur in the conversion process, the data contained in the infobase may be lost.
  • Infobase conversion can only be performed by a user possessing administrative rights.
  • Please, follow the procedure below to convert an infobase:

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