Chapter 4. Beta version details and limitations

The beta version purpose is providing 1C:Enterprise developers with early access to 1C:Enterprise Development Tools, it is intended for evaluation and learning.

The functionality of the beta version is limited (compared to the functionality available in 1C:Enterprise Designer). It does not yet support all metadata objects and development tools. The implementation of some tools is subject to further revisions. The beta version is not intended for the development of commercial products. This version is intended only for evaluation of concepts and techniques available in EDT, and also for the development of small simple configurations. The layout, data structure, and design of all EDT elements might be changed in the future versions.

1C:Enterprise Development Tools support a limited set of configuration objects. It is a beta version limitation.

The following objects are supported:

  • Subsystems
  • Session parameters
  • Common modules
  • Roles
  • Common attributes
  • Event subscriptions
  • Functional options and their parameters
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Filter criteria
  • Defined types
  • Common forms
  • Common commands
  • Command groups
  • Common templates
  • Common pictures
  • Languages
  • Constants
  • Catalogs
  • Documents
  • Numerators
  • Document journals
  • Enumerations
  • Reports
  • Data processors
  • Information registers
  • Accumulation registers
  • Templates:
  • Binary data
  • Spreadsheet document
  • Data composition schema
  • Add-in
The following configuration objects are supported with limitations: types based on these objects are available, tables of these objects are available in query and data composition schema wizards, and the object model based on these types is available:
  • Settings storages
  • HTTP services
  • Style elements
  • Charts of characteristic types
  • Charts of calculation types

The beta version does not support the following objects:

  • XDTO packages
  • Web services
  • Adding WS references to configurations
  • Charts of accounts
  • Accounting registers
  • Calculation registers
  • Business processes and tasks
  • External data sources
  • Templates:
  • Text document
  • Active document
  • HTML document
  • Geographical schema
  • Graphical schema
  • Data composition appearance template
EDT stores the objects listed above as files in a dedicated workspace directory. Every time you update the database configuration, EDT moves them to that configuration.

Current limitations:

  • User management is not supported.
  • Setup and creation of distribution packages are not supported.
  • Configuration repositories are not supported.
  • The database configuration update time linearly depends on the configuration size (if you choose to load the entire configuration to the Infobase).
  • Operations with large configurations are not user-friendly.
  • Renaming configuration objects is not reflected in unsupported objects.
  • Keyboard shortcuts might be different from Designer keyboard shortcuts, or might not be supported at all.
  • Editor layouts and navigation in editors are subject to further changes.
  • Infobase operations:
  • Flat list of infobases in the Infobases view is not supported.
  • Changing item order in the list of items available in the Infobases view is not supported.
  • The database configuration update is performed when you run the configuration update command or when you run an application.
  • When you update infobase configuration for an infobase connected to a repository, the connection to a repository is lost.
  • Launch and debug configurations:
  • In the client/server mode, automatic detection of server version is not supported.
  • Form editor:
  • Only Taxi interface is supported. The form layout generation algorithm is the one used in 1C:Enteprise 8.3.8 with compatibility mode disabled and screen resolution 1024x768, 96 DPI.
  • The form preview does not support compact form view.
  • The form preview provided in the form editor (both in the preview mode and in the preview pane) is simplified and does not support some form item display options.
  • Creation of event handlers in form previews is not supported.
  • Dragging items in form editor previews is not supported.
  • Bulk editing of form item properties (if multiple properties are selected) is not supported.
  • Form attribute customization is not supported for the following data types:
  • Spreadsheet document
  • Formatted document
  • Graphical schema
  • Geographical schema
  • Chart
  • Gantt chart
  • Dendrogram
  • Planner
  • Displaying the following form items is not supported:
  • Formatted text as a Label decoration
  • The "?" button in managed form fields, and Label decorations (if the Tooltip display property is set to Button)
  • Text boxes of Period field type
  • Text boxes of Calendar field type
  • Navigation buttons in managed form tables that display dynamic list data
  • Underlining of the first line in a managed form table if the AutoMarkIncomplete property is set to Yes
  • Command bars are displayed with the following limitation:
  • Compact button view is not supported.
  • Formatted text editing in decorations is not supported.
  • The list of parameterized global commands does not match the list displayed in the form editor in Designer.
  • Generation of standard tables with default columns (for example, DataCompositionSettingsComposer tables) is not supported. Instead, EDT fills the tables with default columns.
  • 1C:Enterprise script editor:
  • Refactoring of legacy synchronous calls is not supported.
  • Debugger:
  • Connection to debug items that are not started from EDT is not supported. The only exception is mobile application debugging: if the URL that you specify in your mobile application matches the debug server URL that you specify in EDT, EDT can connect to the mobile application.
  • Data composition schema wizard does not support the following features:
  • Settings of nested data composition schemas
  • Settings wizard
  • EDT does not support the following spreadsheet document features:
  • Clipboard operations in Microsoft Excel format
  • Splitting cells
  • Paste special
  • Export to and import from other spreadsheet formats

Features to be implemented in the next releases:

  • Implementation of the major part of Designer features not yet available in EDT
  • Database configuration update performance improvements
  • Application development usability improvements
  • EDT performance improvements
  • Usability improvements for the development of large configurations
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