Picking list items

Picking items from a list is typically used for filling document tabular sections with data selected by a user from some object list.

We will illustrate this feature with the task of picking catalog items for filling a document tabular section, which is the most widely used scenario.

Since picking list items is implemented at the form level, it is easy to adapt it to other scenarios. These scenarios can involve other applied object types, but the algorithm is still the same. 

For picking items, you have to open a catalog form as subordinate to a document form (or to some document form item). You can use any catalog form and any method of getting that form. What is important is that the form must be opened as a subordinate one. 

The result of picking is available in the ChoiceProcessing event handler of the document form (or the form item, if the catalog item form is subordinate to that form item).

The ChoiceProcessing event occurs when any of the following conditions are met:

  • Interactive selection is performed in the catalog form
  • The NotifyChoice() method is called in the catalog form

We will illustrate various item picking options using the following example: picking items of the MaterialsAndServices catalog to fill GoodsReceipt documents.

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