Managing windows

Use the Windows dialog box to manage the open windows. This includes switching to a selected window, saving changes, arranging windows, and closing one, several, or all windows.

To open the dialog box, on the Windows menu, click Windows. This dialog box displays the list of open windows. Only the windows with MDI status are included in the list.

If the content of an open window is modified, the window is marked with an asterisk (*) in the list, to the left of the window name.

All the operations available in the dialog box are applied to one or several selected windows. Use the standard item selection methods.

Operations that can be performed with a single window or a group of windows are described in the following table.



Number of windows or condition


Activate the selected window.



Save the changes for some types of documents that support this operation (for example, text and spreadsheet documents).

Any number

Close windows

Close the selected windows.

Any number


Arrange the selected windows.

Horizontal. Arrange the selected windows from left to right.

Vertical. Arrange the selected windows from top to bottom.

Cascade. Arrange the selected windows in a cascade.

More than one


Join two windows

Joining is allowed


Detach joined windows from each other.



Close the Windows dialog box.

Any number


Sort the list of windows alphabetically.

Any number

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