System command area

The application title contains multiple areas, including the system command area.

The left part of the title contains the main menu.


Fig. 17. Application window command bar

The main menu only includes general commands. These are the commands for file operations and window management, service commands, and so on.

Tip. To open the main menu of the active window, press F10.

The application title is located in the center.


Fig. 18. Right part of the system command area

By default the right part of the system command area includes the commands for operations with files and links to application areas, as well as standard application features such as a calendar, a calculator, and more.

To close the main window and exit the application, on the main menu, point to File and click Exit, or click the Close button of the main window. You can navigate the application using the keyboard. The built-in help includes the tables listing the navigation shortcuts.

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