Infobase Connected to Configuration Repository

  • Attention!

    Configuration repository format has been changed.

  • Please, create a backup copy of a configuration repository prior to conversion.
  • If any software or hardware failures occur in the conversion process, the data contained in the infobase may be lost. After conversion, an infobase can not be used with previous versions of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform versions.

    • Create an Infobase backup copy.
    • Perform the following actions using the previous 1C:Enterprise 8 platform version for all the Infobases connected to the repository:
    • Move all the locked objects to the configuration repository and release them.
    • Obtain the last status from the configuration repository.
    • Save the configuration and update the database configuration.
    • Create a backup copy of the repository (1cv8ddb.1CD file in the repository directory). It is recommended to delete cache directory from the repository directory.
    • Lock all the objects in the repository in the Infobase connected to the repository using login credentials of a user possessing administrative rights.
    • In this 1C:Enterprise 8.2 version convert all the Infobases as described in the Infobase That Is Not Connected to Configuration Repository section for file-based or Client/server mode Infobases. When connecting to the configuration repository, agree to convert the configuration repository. The program will continue running following the successful conversion.
    • Move all the locked configuration objects to the repository.
  • Attention!

    At that, all the Subsystem metadata objects will be added to the repository.

  • Attention!

    When obtaining configurations of the previous versions from the repository (those created prior to upgrade to version 8.2.9), such configurations will be converted. When repository objects are attempted to be updated, the resulting objects are not converted.

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