Client/Server Mode Infobase

  • Create an Infobase backup copy.
  • Launch Designer mode of the previous 1C:Enterprise 8 platform version.
  • If the configuration being edited does not match the database configuration, update the latter.


    If the database configuration is not updated, forced rollback to database configuration will be executed. In order to prevent possible conversion errors, it is recommended to perform Infobase verification and repair.

  • Quit Designer mode of the previous 1C:Enterprise 8 version.
  • Launch the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 version Designer.
  • If an Infobase is not available in the list of Infobases, add a new Infobase. In the Infobase adding dialog, perform the actions to create a new empty Client/server mode Infobase. Specify all the database parameters in compliance with the parameters of the Infobase being converted. Clear the Create database if none present checkbox before creating an Infobase.
  • Agree when prompted to convert the Infobase. The program will continue running after displaying a successful conversion message.
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