Docking windows

A docked window is displayed next to the main window work area. That is, it is always displayed in the main window.

The following rules apply to docked windows:

  • A single window can be docked at a time.
  • When a window is docked, the previous docking is canceled.
  • A docked window cannot be displayed side-by-side with another window.

To dock a window, use one of the following commands: Dock left, Dock right, Dock top, or Dock bottom. They are available in the following menus:

  • System commands area, the Dock/Show side-by-side with another window button.
  • Main menu, the Windows section.
  • Context menus of form titles and context menus of the items on the opened items panel.

When you close a docked window, the main window work area reverts to its original size.

To undock a window, run the Undock/Show separately command.


Fig. 205. Context menu of a window

In the following figure, the Sales orders window is docked top.

Fig. 206. The Sales orders window is docked top

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