Dependency by action period

Dependency by action period means that when the platform analyzes base records, it selects the records where the actual action period and the specified base period overlap.

For example, at the beginning of April, March payroll is calculated. Bonuses for March are calculated based on March salaries. In this scenario, as a rule, developers use dependency by action period (fig. 17.9).

Fig. 17.9. Dependency by action period

There are two comments to be made regarding the figure above.

The Beginning of base period and End of base period fields are applicable only for the records with calculation types that have dependencies by base period specified (in this case, for calculation of bonuses).

The base value received from a specific record that influences a calculation generally is not equal to the result stored within that record. The base value is calculated based on the ratio between the part of the actual period of the influencing record that overlaps the base period and the full actual period of the influencing record, and also on the schedule data linked to record.

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