Testing the application

To test the application, you have to pass the .apk file to a mobile device of the corresponding architecture and install it. It is important to select Unknown sources as the available installation sources. 

Figure 19-47. Allow installation of the apps from unknown sources

If you do not have a mobile device to test the application, you can do it on the emulator, which is included in the Android SDK package. Click Start, point to Android SDK Tools, and then click AVD Manager.  

Figure 19-48. AVD Manager

In the AVD Manager window, click New to add a new Android virtual device and fill the parameters as in figure 19-49. Click OK to save the device. 

Figure 19-49. New device

To start the virtual device, click Start and then click Launch

Figure 19-50. Starting the emulator 


Figure 19-51. Starting the emulator 

The emulator starting time depends on your computer performance.

Figure 19-52. Starting the emulator

In the right upper corner, you can see the buttons matching the real device buttons. To scroll lists, move the pointer while holding the left mouse button. In the security parameters, check whether Unknown sources is selected (see the figure 19-47).

If you want, you can also set the time zone, developer parameters, and all other options available on the device.

Now you can install the application to the virtual device.

Important.  The emulator must be started before you install the application. Press Windows logo key+R to open the Run window, type cmd there, and press Enter. To open Command prompt window type the following command (quotation marks are necessary):

"C:\mobile.1c\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe" install "C:\mobile.1c\Build\Android\com.e1c.mc1.mobile.money-arm.apk"

Note. If you use other project and Android SDK directories, you must type them instead of these. 

Press Enter and wait while the application is being installed. 

Note. You can install the 1C:Enterprise mobile platform for developers to a virtual device in the same way. Use 1cem-arm.apk or 1cem-x86.apk from the platform distribution package instead of com.e1c.mc1.mobile.money-arm.apk.

Figure 19-53. Installing the mobile application

Once the Success message is displayed, you can return to the emulator and find the application.

Figure 19-54. Mobile application

Start the application on the emulator to test it. 

Figure 19-54. Mobile application

Note that the application version in the screenshot includes improvements made in the homework.

That is all, you built the application that you created and installed it to the mobile device emulator for testing.

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