The main business of 1C Company is development of business management and accounting software, as well as educational applications development and publishing, and software distribution. Over 1,500,000 companies and over 5,000,000 employees are using business software powered by 1C:Enterprise. Market requirements for developers and qualified users capable of operating 1C:Enterprise grows up constantly.

The main goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the basic features of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform and its software engineering technology. There will be no secrets except for one: within a few minutes, using almost only a mouse, you can create a fully functional application to keep personal finance records that is compatible with different DBMS (database management systems), Windows, Linux, web browsers, and even iOS and Android mobile devises.

Perhaps you are already familiar with one of high-level programming language, for example, Java, C++, or Delphi. Many books and programming training courses start with a simple task such as creating a program that would display a simple text on a screen, for example, "Hello, world!"

In fact, what you are going to do in this tutorial is "Hello, world!" powered by 1C:Enterprise. Indeed, the functionality of the demo application is going to be much broader than the simple output of a phrase on a screen. However, considering all capabilities of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform, what you are going to develop is precise "Hello, world!" in the world of 1C:Enterprise.

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