Theory. Data access methods

1C:Enterprise supports two methods of accessing data stored in a database:

  • Object method (used for reading and writing)
  • Table method (used for reading)

The object method involves 1C:Enterprise script objects. You have encountered some of these objects in the previous lessons.

An important feature of the object data access method is that when you call a 1C:Enterprise script object, you call a data set stored in the database as a whole.

For example, the DocumentObject.Services object contains the values of all attributes and tabular sections of the Services document.

The object method features object caching, ensures object integrity and execution of appropriate event handlers, and so on.

The table method involves database queries that are written in the query language. You can use this method to access specific database table fields.

The table method is intended for retrieving data from the database based on certain conditions, such as filters, grouping, ordering, merging several selections, calculation of totals, and so on. The table method is optimized for processing large volumes of data stored in the database, and for obtaining data that matches specific criteria.

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