Specifying text editor options

Use the Texts tab to specify the options for the built-in text editor.

  • Allow dragging text. Shows whether moving and copying text fragments using the drag-and-drop feature is available.
  • Allow moving the cursor beyond the end of the line. Shows whether the cursor can be positioned after the end of the line. If this check box is cleared, the cursor position is limited by the Line Break character.
  • Show whitespace characters as. Shows whether spaces and tab characters are displayed. Use this option to verify the text formatting. If you select this check box, in the Spaces and Tab characters fields, specify the characters that represent spaces and tabs.
  • Spaces. The character that represents spaces.
  • Tab characters. The character that represents tabs.
  • Convert new tabs to spaces. Shows whether the tab character is replaced with the number of spaces defined in the Tab size field during text input.
  • Tab size. The number of spaces that replaces a tab character during text input.
  • Autoindentation. Shows whether an auto indent is added after you type the Line Break character (press Enter).
  • Font. The font used for text input. We recommend that you use a fixed-width font for application modules (for example, Courier).
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