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International experience shows that bulk sales of technically complex products can only be effectively managed through a well-organized and diversified dealer network.

1C partners are underlying distribution and technical support centers. Clients perceive 1C partners to be representatives of 1C Company that work side by side with them. If one of the users finds it difficult to use a new application to prepare an urgently needed Balance sheet or P&L, for example, he would want to be able to obtain sound advice as soon as possible. The fastest way to get such advice is from a local partner.

1C Company always strives to understand and take account of the interests of its partners, not just focus on the benefits for itself. 1C Company has a direct interest in growing total sales through the partner network and consequently tries to provide its partners with the best terms and conditions for cooperation and provide all possible manner of support. This has enabled 1C Company to attract more than 10,000 regular partners in more than 800 cities in Eastern Europe.

1C partner program consists of several levels. 1C:Official Partner introductory status was established for partners who have not developed their own applied solutions powered by the 1C:Enterprise platform and need to acquire 1C:Enterprise licenses to implement projects for their clients. 1C:Solution partner status is intended for partners who have an applied solution, which has been certified by 1C Company. The 1C:Service provider status is established for those who are planning to organize and provide services based on products created on 1C:Enterprise platform. 1C:Regional partner status is intended for partners who have their own certified applied solutions and sell them through their own regional partner network.

More details on how you can become a 1C partner you can read in Partner program information section of 1C:Developer Network.

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